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 Welcome to Children’s Rainbow!

We are SO happy you found us!  We are proud to have been enriching the minds of little ones for more than 40 years! At Children’s Rainbow, we take a thematic and developmentally appropriate approach to learning. We incorporate this into our daily activities as well as special events. 

Our loving and nurturing teachers and classroom assistants go to the ends of the rainbow to make sure the children in their care have positive experiences throughout the day. It is our hope each child will go home every day loving school and excited to return! 


Our school is a cooperative group for one basic reason:

Because we know it is important for the parents of young children to be aware of the experiences their children are having and to share some of those adventures with them. We welcome parents to donate their time and talents when possible. However, parents are not required to work in the classrooms.

The school is a non-profit, cooperative organization. Our goal is to provide an environment in which young children are encouraged to learn about themselves and others, to grow in curiosity and to develop their individual capabilities in preparation for Kindergarten. Our staff feels that it’s important for children to be independent and self-confident, and this is emphasized in our classrooms.


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What’s Happening at Rainbow…

Vehicle Day!!

We have been so busy here at Children's Rainbow! Vehicle Day was a huge success! A very big thank you to all of the families who brought in the awesome vehicles for us to check out! The kids (and teachers) were VERY impressed! We really have the best families! Also,...

Updates Coming Soon!!

Hey Rainbow Friends! We know there are so many questions! We will be getting all the information we can to you as soon as possible!! Also, we are on the hunt for subs!! If you're interested, or know someone who is, please email us at...